About us

LLB Boutique was a vision over 10 years ago. The owner always had a passion for shopping to discover the latest trends. At that time, the owner developed a business plan and drafted a company logo. The owner really desired to pursue this new business venture, but life placed the owner on a different path. Although, the doors to the dream of establishing a boutique did not open. The owner was able to build a successful career to allow the doors to finally open for Lovely Little Baby on November 10th, 2016. 

The owner has spent her medical career with an emphasis on babies. It was only natural to complete this focus by providing high quality clothing with affordable pricing for Mommy, Baby and great Grandparents gifts.  We are thrilled to offer products online for fast shipping or even local pick up for those who live nearby.  

We truly appreciate your time investment made in becoming more familiar with our story and who we are. We will strive to offer the best products for your little ones, while building your trust and loyalty one shopping experience at a time.